I am a child of the Most High. I say that because I am thoroughly aware that GOD LOVES ME!!! I’ve been through a lot as we all have been through on this journey we call life, and I certainly cannot take any of the credit for where I am on that path. I was once given a word from the Lord that said I am a rarity amongst His people whom God has given many choices of what to do with myself in this world. Often struggling with that notion, in the sense that it seems much easier to just be given one thing to do and do it well, then soooo many interests and options and choices, of which I can do some amazingly well, others just OK, and well, then there’s the ones that I know people who love me humor me in letting and watching me do. BUT, through those wrestling moments, I have recently come into the reality that ALL of this is OK, just know which ‘hat’ to wear, when to wear it, and which ones I don’t need to wear at all, at that time, or even just plain and simple, not out in public! So in that, I say “Oh, The Hats I Will Wear!”, “Hats On, Hats Off!”, and “Hats Off to You!” Cheesy I know, but remember humor me please (there is definitely more to come in those notions)! ☺

So, what kind of hats do I own, wear, desire, etc.? Well, first of all, I love to spend time with God and in His Word. “God has given us an incredible invitation to delight ourselves in His presence. To delight literally means to have extreme satisfaction. We should live our lives in such a way that we find no greater joy than in the presence of our Father.” Jason Lee Jones

I also enjoy spending time with the leading man in my life that God has given me. We have been married over a decade. God is definitely messing things up for us right now, and we are lovin’ it and looking forward to more to come in every aspect of our lives. He is truly my best friend on this planet! I just love him to pieces…being in his vast cuddly embrace, looking into his beautiful crystalline gaze, laughing hysterically in his quirky and sometimes strangely unique sense of humor, and pondering his amazingly bright, yet random, sense of intellect. He is the perfect match for me. We love to go to movies, theme parks, toy stores, and bookstores, as well as just being tech savvy geeks together. We once sat and figured out mathematically the exact dimensions of a projector image using the Pythagorean Theorem and loved that we knew not only what we were doing but how nerdy we were being in doing it…because it was all just for fun! But that’s just us, who we are, who God made us, and we so delight in that! ☺

My husband and I love to work hard as well. As the Word says, “Whatever you put your hand to will prosper!” We both work whole-heartedly in everything we do and are connected closely with Richest of Fare Ministries, which imparts deep, raw, & intimate praise and worship throughout the world. “Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost. Why spend money on what is not bread, and your labor on what does not satisfy? Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good, and your soul will delight in the richest of fare.” Isaiah 55:1-2

God has also brought me to the world of Mary Kay. The products are not new to me, but the idea of being an Independent Beauty Consultant definitely is a totally & completely different concept of what I ever thought He would have in store for me. I have desired for a long time to not only be a Mom, but a stay at home Mom that would allow me to not only raise my kids from home, but also work on the many interests & creative endeavors that God has tucked away in my heart. With this opportunity, I know I will be able to do all of these things, while still keeping ministry and education in the forefront of my livelihood as well!

Last, but certainly not least, I am also a teacher and a life-long learner, which I believe encompasses all of me and who I’ve described me as being. I love learning new things and watching others do the same. “My people parish for a lack of knowledge” is the scripture that has rung in my heart for years. I think this is why I am always intrigued to know and learn more about so many things in this beautifully vast world that God has created for us.

And to end this lengthy depiction of who I am, I love all kinds of sideline interests. I like to paint, crochet, cook, bake, kids’ arts and crafts, etc. There are also many things I would like to pick up again like playing the piano and clarinet, throwing pottery, gardening, sewing, and speaking French. I would also like to learn how to play the cello and how to speak Portuguese, Spanish, German, and Italian. Writing is also a desire of my heart in all senses. I currently mostly do technical writing and editing, but I also like to write poetry, as well as nonfiction nuggets that God places in my heart, and I would absolutely love to write curriculum in so many different facets. I could go on and on, as my list is truly never-ending, but this is a start in introducing you to me, so I will stop for now! ☺


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