Super Full Moon

Sitting and basking in the warmth of God’s embrace and gazing into His fiery eyes that burn to the depths of the soul, proclaiming simple words of wonder and amazement that seem completely and utterly inadequate.

All the while contemplating the positional and calendaric alignment of the night’s magnificent moon, the closest it will be to orbit’s radius for another year’s span, all within a minute window of opportunity where the lunar reflective white illuminates supreme capacity.

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth!” Mere words to the carnal mind, yet creatively and authoritatively spoken, placing this celestial ball supernaturally in the dark vast nothingness of this yet to be seen world, setting it on a grandiose cyclical journey spanning months, even years apart, where its phenomenal attributes are allowed to collide and combine only in rare moments of astonishing beauty and admiration.

Standing in the midst of these seemingly simultaneous parallel universes, the duo subtly merges transcendent in beauty. The two become one, or better said, the One eludes the two. Full moon meets super moon, what a meet cute!

The sun gleaming its glorious glare, while the moon faithfully follows its fulfillment, catching in reality just a slight sight of this bright nightlight and returning merely a repetitive flicker of a glance.  Then finally, after years of waiting redundancy, the sun glares and radiates this rather lackluster, inanimate being, primed in position and posture, now captivating an audience ready and willing to listen.

Suddenly the words pouring forth swell with life, love, and exhortation, reveling and revering the only One worthy and capable of such feats…For Yours is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory FOREVER and EVER!

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