Sonic Boom

Sitting in my fifth grade classroom, assiduously working on the three r’s or some other trite, yet traditionally paramount lore, the retractable partition flew amuck rattling the heart and lungs of those sitting abaft. Catching breaths and chasing heartbeats, a dominant look of despair, from a more frequently friendly face, sent us spectators into a perplexed plight of peal, as the utterances of disaster seemingly plummeted from his lips like a pin-drawn grenade catapulted overboard.

“The Challenger…exploded! Blew up! Gone…forever!”  Understatedly, the former hearts sunk and lost breaths gasped; silence settled.

This reminiscent flashback of national turmoil simply cannot compare, let alone fathom, the unforgettable injustice experienced by the families of the seven astronauts lost that day.  And to think, I witnessed numerous assumingly beautiful and successful launches prior to this atrocity and thereafter. Yet this disastrous recollection, this single solitudinal space saunter, antithetically engrained my extremely young and impressionable mind forever.

Growing up chiliads of miles afar, never could I imagine a decade later being mere minutes from the scene of this tragedy, experiencing an absolute antipodal affair. Awestruck by the marvel of God’s artistic amusement, I stood immovable, embracing every encapsulating receptive impetus less than 50 miles away. To witness a vehicle capable of sustaining inconceivably nonsensical temperatures, traveling tens of thousands of miles per hour in order to reach hundreds of miles aloft, then plunging into almost 14 billion light years of dark & empty nothingness, of which a single light year is a mere 6 trillion or so miles long, simplistically stated, empyreal!

Having now experienced at least one of these awe-striking launches every year since, 16 years in the making, it never ceases to amaze me the wonderment of God’s creativity every time I, not only watch the shuttle launch from my front yard, but also feel & hear the rumble and rattle of the sonic boom as these crafts disappear into the realm of His unknown mysteries yet to be discovered.

And to think, mental faculties allowed this negative image of a disastrous incident to consume and override the multitude of other magnificent occurrences. The power of perspective and proportion distorted the reality and truth of the beauty of God’s Creativity!  You see, my perspective, ostensibly diminished and disproportionately viewed from a dioramic box of tubes and wires, concealed the marvel God bestows upon all mankind.  I had yet to fully experience the literal sensation of the heavens declaring the glory of God, nor had I seen the skies proclaim the work of His hands. (Ps 19:1)

Another simplistic need to personally encounter and experience God’s great and glorious gifts up close and personal, not through perspective human eyes and others’ proportional responses, but through God’s magnified love and jealousy for an attentiveness to Him and what He desires for a Child of the MOST HIGH!

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